The Hospitality Advisory

The Hospitality Advisory

We are a design and procurement advisory that provides tailored solutions to multinational foodservice operators. Our innovative approach ensures corporate efficiency through comprehensive analysis of both known areas for improvement as well as uncovering hidden untapped potential.

We are aligned on a national basis with best-in-class US and European manufacturers covering most Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and emerging technology categories.

We are experts in:

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Tabletop & Operating Supplies

Lodging/In-Room Amenity

Branding Continuity

Menu Development

Beverage Development

The Hospitality Advisory
The Hospitality Advisory

Years of Combined Experience

How we help?

Are you a chain or multi-unit that has been predominantly top line focused? Are you ready to refine the operating model? Attack the middle of the P&L? Drop more profit to the bottom line? Attract new investment or new franchisees? THA can help you to do all this without downgrading the customer experience while maintaining brand integrity. Just ask us, we’re a team full of hospitality experts!

360' vision

All things begin with the BRAND, and therefore the Advisory starts with understanding that vison and company ethos before aligning on project breadth and scope.

Equipment Sales & Design

We represent best in class independent North American and European manufacturers and our charter compels advisory members to offer the best solutions, regardless of the manufacturer we manage nationally through the agency side of the organization. Our goal is to provide unobstructed view to problem-solving.


We strive to offer the most effective solutions and sometimes that is through incremental steps when tied back to productivity, all the way through to proprietary development. Gasket guards and drawers instead of doors. Simple, ROI for reduced down time and more functional, from the START.


Our mission includes cutting edge technology. Through our partnership with Napa Technologies, we are able to be in early stages of the Robotics, AI and all-important self -service beverage dispensing technology. Information is power and we will provide within the platform.


Our talented advisors can efficiently and creatively reconstruct, design and ideate for existing and new brands. Our experience is deep and that cross functionality brings an extra level of comfort.

How it works?

We establish a customer through a no obligation consultation to determine where the primary pinch points are within the operation and in turn, offer our unobstructed view of operations for recommendation.

We collaborate with you and your team to help you dominate in your segment, your market, against the competition.

Our Advisors

A collection of the most esteemed food service professionals. Independent, but coming together as one, with over 200 years of combined experience.

Rob Finley, Principal

experience includes Steelite, Gabriel Group, Wasserstrom

Gerrit van Burk, Director of Sales

experience includes Wasserstrom, Aramark

Ed O'Rourke, Advisor

experience includes Alki Ventures, MGM Resorts, Dunkin Brands

Stan Frankenthaler, Advisor

experience includes Fractional Innovation & Culinary leadership, Dunkin Brands

Steve Otto, Advisor

experience includes Marcone Commercial Kitchen Group, Darden Restaurants

Scott Mitchell, Advisor

experience includes Hospitality Consultant, Marriott, Avendra

Maeve Webster, Advisor

experience includes Menu Matters

Patrick McDonnell, Advisor

experience includes McDonnell Kinder & Associates, FoodArts Magazine, Aramark

Ria Soler, Advisor

experience includes Tequila Komos

Armando Monterroso, Advisor

experience includes Marriott, Kalahari Resorts + Conventions, Playa Hotels and Resorts

Our Vendor Partners

Our Tech Partners

Wine Station
Robertson Furniture
ITV Ice Makers
The Hospitality Advisory

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